Books for sale about Catalonia

We have a selection of books about Catalonia. Some are in English, some in Catalán and some in Spanish.

Please contact us through this web page if you are interested in buying some of this. The cost of these books is $27.00 NZD (includes postage anyware in NZ).
The number of units of each title may vary and perhaps some will be already sold out.



·         “The History of Catalonia” – F. Xavier Hernandez –

·         “Catalonia Reborn” – Chris Bambery & George Kerevan –

·         “Building a new Catalona” – Edited by Ignasi Bernal & David Whyte –

·         “Days that will last for years” – Jordi Borrás –

·         “Franco lives on”- Lluc Salellas I Vilar –                


·         “Historia de Catalunya” – F. Xavier Hernandez –


·         “Historia de Cataluña”- F. Xavier Hernandez –

·         “La crisis Catalana – Una oportunidad para Europa – Carles Puigdemont

·         “Discurso de la nación Catalana” – Ramon Cotarelo –

·         “…Y ahí lo dejo” – Cronica de un proceso” – Gonzalo Boye –